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Every driver should want to learn how to drive safer and avoid a car accident. There is no reason why drivers should not be careful or aware of the dangers that arise on the road. There are many easy ways to avoid a car accident while you're on the road. If, however, you do get into a car accident, we highly recommend you contact the best car accident lawyer to represent you in your legal matter. We will explain legality in detail in the next article below.


One of the most important steps you need to take to avoid a car accident is to pay attention to driving! I see and hear too many drivers trying to do several things at once. For example, yesterday I saw a woman who was drawing too. It is impossible for him to fully know what he was doing or what potential threat he posed to everyone along the way. Driving can distract people for a variety of reasons, so they need to focus on driving and preventing an accident.


The use of mobile phones is one of the biggest problems for drivers and one of the main causes of car accidents in recent years. Some states understand this and prohibit drivers from talking on mobile phones while driving. If you absolutely need to talk while driving, you need to buy headphones to have your hands free and avoid a car accident.


Attempting to have a deep or meaningful conversation with others in a car can be a serious cause of distraction and thus a car accident. If you drive with full-fledged passengers, remind them that it is your job and duty to drive safe and avoid traffic accidents for anyone on the road. Ask them to refrain from serious conversations with you that require your full attention.


Music and other radio programs can also disturb drivers and cause collisions in a car accident. Focus on the things you want to listen to while driving. Don't choose anything that bothers you. Instead, choose quiet music or programs that will allow you to completely focus on the road and avoid a car accident.

When you're driving, your main task is to do it. Avoid a car accident at all costs and record conversations of people who are on the sidelines.

How To Avoid A Car Accident

What To Do When You're In A Car Accident

Accidents can happen at any time, even if you are a very careful and defensive driver! According to a Florida freeway spokesman, most accidents happen within 40 miles of your home. Sometimes it happens in your driveway. Ask my brother-in-law who crashed into his sister's car in the driveway while she was pulling away! Regardless of where they occur, there are a number of steps to be taken after the accident.

The American Consumer Association is constantly making a list of recommendations for motorists to really know what to do when a car accident happens. This excellent organization is taking important steps to raise public awareness of road safety. There are some precautionary steps that must be taken now before you are involved in an accident.

1. Store the emergency kit in your car in a place easily accessible.

The kit should include a pen and a notepad. Since most drivers these days will carry a cell phone it is not necessary to purchase a camera to keep it in the emergency kit. However, your cell phone should be charged as you will need it to take pictures of the accident (this is very important). Use these items to record important information about the accident and the location of the incident. You should also have a card with you with information about any allergies or medical conditions that require special attention and emergency contact details. Other agencies also recommend storing the number on your mobile phone under the ICE (emergency) number, where a police officer or EMT can simply press the speed dial button on your mobile phone and contact an emergency contact. You should also have street groves, warning triangles and emergency flares in the trunk.

2. You need to make sure safety comes first!

If you are involved in a minor incident and there are no serious injuries, make sure the vehicles are moved to the side of the road. Don’t stay on the road and become an obstacle to oncoming traffic. If you do this, you may experience more and more serious traffic accidents as vehicles cause obstacles on the road. My friend hit another man on the exit ramp and both left their vehicles on the ramp believing he was safe and that it was important for the police to see the exact location of the vehicles. While both vehicles were clearly visible for at least 300 meters and both were flashing, the other drive turned and queued the SUV that originally hit my friend! My friend called me on her phone and told me what was going on and I told her to pull these vehicles out of the way right away! If your car or automobile is not mobile, make sure other drivers are alerted by turning on emergency lights and setting flares, traffic cones, or orange triangles to direct traffic. If you can’t move the vehicle, get in the way of traffic and then drive out safely in the event of further accidents.

If you are involved in an accident with serious injuries, make sure no one is in danger (due to fires, falling trees or telephone poles, etc.). After you insure yourself, take care of the injured. It is important not to move anything that has been seriously injured unless they are in imminent danger. Further injuries may result from movement. It is always a good idea to take care of emergency teams and relocate the injured whenever possible to avoid this. Personal injury lawyers can be very helpful helping you recover the most money from a car accident settlement. Don't hesitate to call your local personal injury law firm in Gainesville, Florida. Rush & Frisco law is committed to helping clients achieve the absolute best results in their personal injury cases. However, call them after you are safe and sound and are available to talk.

Map and Directions to Robert Rush Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Gainesville, Florida.

3. Exchange all relevant information with related parties.

You need to know the other driver’s name, addresses, phone numbers (home and work), insurance, car insurance number, driver’s license number, license number and make sure you pay attention to each car’s description, year, make, model, color and any obvious damage. Also note the first thing that happened at the time of the accident. Pay special attention to the location of the vehicles, the sequence of events and the cause of the damage.

I recommend that you write down any information available to you without the cooperation of another driver, such as the license plate, make, model and color of the car, the driver description, and a brief description of the other passengers. In addition, they will receive any information about witnesses at this time. As long as no one is hurt, most witnesses will soon leave the crime scene and want to make sure you have their information. After receiving this information, contact the driver and give him his details, such as driver's license number, insurance details and contact details. This ensures that the other driver cannot escape the scene while you are distracted without receiving information and let them know that you are all in business.

4. Take pictures of the crash scene and the cars involved.

Use a camera or a cell phone to document damage to all vehicles and the crash site. If there are important points for demonstration, such as long brake markings, hidden entry / exit, etc., be sure to document them as well. Make sure the photos of the car reflect the overall context of the crash by confirming your claims. If there are witnesses, be sure to ask them their name and phone number, and ask if they will help you in case of a problem with another driver by disputing what actually happened.

5. Report the incident as soon as possible and receive a copy of it as soon as it becomes available.

In some areas, law enforcement officers do not respond to traffic accidents unless there are injuries. You should always call the police and demand that a police officer arrive at the scene to report. They will receive information from another facility if they refuse to share information with you, and will record their observations at the crash site, further confirming your claims. If you can’t call a police officer at the scene, find out how you react to the incident right away. You may need to go to your local police station or you will be able to download accident reports online depending on your region. A police report usually helps speed up the claim process.

6. Understand the insurance coverage before the accident.

The more you know about your insurance, the easier it will be to process claims. Does your policy cover towing or tax on car rental replacements? If your accident is not another the driver is immediately guilty of making a claim for it with their insurance company.

The question everyone is worried about is: who is going to pay for it? If the co-driver is at fault, insist on paying for the damage. If they agree, have them recognized in writing, if possible. The second record may be nice to pay the damage now, but after a while it wears off and you are not in your immediate presence they may have a change of heart and decide to try to stiffen (that's why you need witnesses, documentation, etc).

I recommend calling someone if they are available to help with the incident management process. It will be much calmer and more objective to see that everything is being implemented. Remember the incident with my friend on the ramp? I arrived before the police got there. Then I made sure the vehicles were safe from the road. Then I got all the information about the vehicle (make, model, color, registration number), photographed the vehicle and the accident site. I then got the driver info from the other two drivers involved. Upon being informed about the other driver's insurance, I immediately contacted his insurance company and asked to open a complaint about the damage caused to my friend's vehicle. I did all of this before the officer finished writing his report. This was when I spoke to the officer and took his name and discovered the contents of his report. When I found out that I was happy with the content which showed exactly what my friend pointed out, I asked him for a report number so I could get a copy as soon as possible. My work simplified our entire affirmation process and moved like a clock.

Accidents can happen anytime, even if you are an extremely cautious and defensive driver!

Car Accidents & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

American society is plagued by stress. Is this supposed to be something we're going to take pills for? In retrospect, the public accepts medical relief from previous forms of health problems. It is generally accepted that smoking, for example, causes more problems than it alleviates. Why is America swallowing anxiety drugs so freely without worrying about harmful side effects? These are powerful drugs that target chemicals in the brain. Drugs will be the last place in all forms of anxiety therapy. First of all, people who suffer from anxiety should be proactive and try to solve their problems.

One example of a disorder that is suddenly commonly prescribed is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is the first recognized serious problem for veterans returning from the war. These people suffer from cold blood, panic attacks, nightmares, and compulsive behaviors as a result of near-death experiences and the psychological harassment of war. Some physicians argue that the same shock is often caused by car accidents, mentioning numbers up to 9% of accident victims suffering from significant symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

A few years ago I had a serious accident and experienced symptoms reported in these medical journals. I was often shocked that I was living in an accident. I showed obsessive behavior as avoiding left turns even in empty streets. I couldn't control my behavior on dirt roads, but in the city I was careful to do three laps, not just one left. Is it post-traumatic stress disorder? As annoying as these symptoms can be, I think it would take a rather brazen hypochondria to insist that these little neuroses can compete with the intense stress of a veteran, returning to the horrors of war. Maybe I was stressed and absorbed in my experience, but I never needed any medication.

I should have been active. I have worked with insurance companies to find out what they are doing. I spoke to my car accident and personal injury attorney and found someone who wanted to buy and rebuild my car, so I wouldn't send it to the chop shop. I took responsibility for the situation and did not let it control me. Haven't thought of my car in months, but I'm no longer obsessed with it. If you feel overwhelmed by the disaster and all your real medical needs are met, you don't need a doctor. Discuss the lawyer's situation and proactively archive documents and take action. I felt overwhelmed after the car accident, but talking about an experienced car accident attorney helped me answer my questions, deal with my doubts, and suppress my anxiety. We don't need to be drugged up on strong medication.

Homeopathy For My Stress
I did, however, used rather more of a homeopathic approach to my PTSD. After long nights of research for natural, homeopathic ways to deal with my PTSD, I found a great online source, Miranda Castro's Shop. Miranda not only provides educational materials on dealing with post traumatic stress disorder but she also sells homeopathic remedies online for traumatic stress such as aconite, stramonium, and arnica.

Chiropractic For My Stress
The next natural approach was going to see a chiropractor. Stress is both a physical and mental factor, and the two are intimately related. Chiropractic can help reduce the two main causes of mental stress – depression and anxiety. Chiropractic adjustments are extremely relaxing and soothing and when I corrected my small subluxations it put my body back in harmony by increasing the blood flow to major organs and allowing my nerve signals to travel unimpeded. Chiropractic not only helped me adjust my spine into a proper alignment, but it also helped in centering and aligning my mind. This all had a huge positive effect on my stress management. I highly recommend you see a Gainesville chiropractor for your traumatic stress.

Massage For My Stress
Lastly, I wanted to mention that I also went to see a massage therapist for my PTSD. This therapeutic massage just put the cherry on top for me.
Check out this article from Gainesville Massage Therapy on the benefits of massage for anxiety. If you live in Gainesville, Florida I highly recommend seeing Julie Burgevin for you massage in Gainesville.

Legal advice for a car accident lawyer

Car crashes are currently the number one killer between the ages of 1 and 37 in the United States. Road accidents, accidents and collisions cause about 3 million injuries each year, of which 2 million are permanent and paralyzing disabilities each year. In the United States alone, 40,000 people are killed in road accidents each year. The Department for Transportation reports that most of these road accident deaths are avoidable. About 40% of fatal accidents are related to the consumption of alcohol and alcohol. Many accidents involve some combination of alcohol and speeding. Furthermore, the use of seat belts is only around 68%, despite the fact that seat belts protect drivers and passengers and save lives. More than half of all road fatalities turned out to be inconspicuous at the time of the accident.

Daring driving and drink driving is a serious crime and the law treats a car when it causes injury as a dangerous weapon. When victims are injured and killed while drunk driving, the driver can be charged as if he were mistreating his victims with another weapon, such as a gun. A drunk driver who kills a man could go to jail for murder. Young people are often rarely treated for such hazardous activities as drunk driving and racing, but do not understand the inherent dangers of this behavior. Every 12 minutes someone in the country dies in a car accident.

If you or someone you love has had a car accident, whether you're the driver or the victim, it's important to seek legal advice. Remember that if you are involved in an incident, never apologize or assume responsibility without consulting an attorney. Car accidents are scary, but an on-the-spot apology can be fair to fault, even if the collision is the fault of another driver. A lawyer can help you prepare the necessary documents and protect you from innocence and litigation. Insurance companies have lawyers to protect their interests.

Finally, don't panic. As drivers are better informed about their responsibilities and car manufacturers develop safer vehicles, the proportion of road accidents in which they die will continue to decline. New cars and advanced roads, as well as setting fixed speed limits, using seat belts and accessing designated drivers, provide a safer driving experience.

The medical community has recently discussed the definition and prescribing of medications for disorders such as social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Our Highly Recommended Car Accident Lawyers

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